The service I provide is a Monday - Friday doggy daycare. You will never have to feel guilty about leaving your pet alone again. I mainly cover East London, London Borough of Hackney & surrounding areas. But please feel free to contact me if you are outside of these areas as I may still be able to help.

Regardless of your pet’s breed, age or behavior, each of my services can be tailored to fit their specific needs — no matter how unique. A key part in any dogs life is socialisation, this is why I offer my clients a free consultation at the start. I run these consultations as I completely understand how nerve wracking it can be trusting someone to care for your dog. I know because I feel exactly the same! Which is why it is the perfect chance for me to get to know you and your pet beforehand and of course for you to find out if I am the right dog walker for you. Your dog will be collected to and from your house in my fully equipped dog van. Ensuring they are always kept safe and secure with custom made pet cages in the back and full air con and heating for summer/winter journeys. Transporting them to the best areas for dog walks. Then returning them home to you happy and tired.


We are here to give your dog the exercise, care and attention it deserves. I offer a whole day service for £30, pick up and drop off is included. You will receive pictures and videos throughout the day so you never have to worry and you can see exactly what your pup is getting up to and all their new friends they will be making! I am happy to walk your dog on lead or off lead, whatever you prefer. However I do like to build up a relationship with he/she for the first few times just to ensure there is a mutual trust between us both.